When my account on this site wasn’t working at all, I wrote out the following on one of my older blogs back in late March of this year.

I had spent a lot of time in “schooling” two fools on Twitter. One of the sacred cows that statists cherish so much is taxation. They cry, taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society, and something like, just quit your bitching and pay your fair share!!

No one who mentally and emotionally cling so tightly to this political euphemism will ever attempt to explain why extortion and taxation are defined so similarly. Nah, they resort to special pleading, make up excuses, and reply with as much emotionalism as possible to get you to shut up about this inconvenient truth.

One of the two statists on Twitter, the younger of the two asked why my consent should matter. It seemed like he was defending societal bullying.

Why is it not okay for anyone to take any of your stuff without your consent?

Statist: Oh, you’re saying all this because you love money. You must be greedy and selfish! If you don’t like it, then you are free to leave.

1. This has nothing to do with whether or not free market liberatarians/anarcho-capitalists/voluntaryists love money. This is a matter of ethics, and principles. I don’t appreciate having my earnings taken because of one of those “BECAUSE I SAID SO”, or any other typical authoritarian excuses. If the funding is for a good cause, then why must coercion be necessary? This isn’t civilized. This self-destructive, loony euphemism that distorts the perceptions of so many in the larger majority is the price we pay for gullibility, and failure in keeping people civilized.

Societal bullying is not civil.

2. Is it okay if some person (could be anybody – not just a politician or cop) takes what you earn without your consent to give to a good cause? Would it be okay for a homeless person to take your money because he or she is less fortunate in finance? Usually, there’s a reason as to why the person is homeless in the first place.

Is it okay for somebody to come up and just take what you’re about to eat for a meal, because he or she is hungrier than you are?

If your “good” ideas need to be forced onto someone else, then perhaps your ideas aren’t worth much to begin with. Feeding the hungry, building and maintaining roads, providing education, and making sure there are jobs around to help save lives don’t need to be forced! Good ideas don’t at all require force.

Statist: B-But people are stupid, selfish, and inconsiderate! We need to have taxes, because not everyone will voluntarily pay for all those services and benefits.

What sane person doesn’t want safe travel, a good opportunity to learn, and help when feeling sick or injured? If so many people out there are supposedly too stupid and selfish to be trusted to spend their own money responsibly, then why rely on some of them to spend your own money for you?

The parasitic, sociopathic rulers have done a LOT more wasteful spending, more than what any decent and average person does! How do training mountain lions on treadmills, spending on a mega blimp that was never used, gambling monkeys, and other such pointless wasteful spending matter when it comes to taking from your own income, without your consent?

The truth is, such people who work in the name for government and rule of law have little use for morals and ethics. Those who don’t have it clear in their minds on what’s right and wrong hopelessly depend upon their saviors.

Why is it imperative for peaceful people to have to move…to another tax farm? It won’t change anything. “Consent of the governed” and the “social contract” are fables and myths that appeal to the emotion of those who believe that some people need to have higher claims on their own lives than they do themselves.

There’s also extortion money you’d have to pay, along with having a passport, to leave the country.

These excuses that make it okay for everyone to impose everyone else to pay for what they need and want are what make double-standard necessities to exist when they should never have in the first place.

If it’s not okay to be robbed blind by just anyone, then it shouldn’t be okay for those propped up to “run the country” to rob you blind either.

Consistency matters. Reality is not subjective!

A human mind that tends to think in consistency and reason leads to this person being able to make clear and better choices in life. A demoralized society is doomed to be manipulated and divided in any direction to the destruction of it.

Those who emotionally project don’t care for the truth, and don’t want to think about the facts that I’d present. (“Who cares about what you think and feel?” “You’re just not thinking right!” “You want to destroy your own country from the inside out!” “You just hate roads, the poor, schools, and hospitals!”) They don’t have any legit counter-points. They react out of irrational fear via Stockholm Syndrome whenever statists are told their own “government” is really organized crime. Cognitive dissonance puts their minds in a strong vice grip. The easily offended are easily manipulated.

Without consistency, you have nothing. Isn’t it obvious that you can’t trust a person who says one thing to do something completely opposite of that? You can’t constantly lie and expect people to trust you.

Lies from anybody are what mostly everyone doesn’t like. However, why does the larger majority need to believe in the harmful, self-destructive mythology that were taught to them since before they could learn to read? The best slaves are the ones who don’t realize at all that they’re slaves. Thoughtless and content slaves.

No, I’m not talking about the clearly seen and primitive sort of slavery, with people chained in shackles and forced to work under the threat of punishment. I’m talking about the more sophisticated and psychological form of slavery; mental and economic slavery, the lies and falsehoods as the invisible chains wrapped around their own brains.

Trust, clear communication, good choices, voluntary interactions, and healthy living all require consistency. Lack of consistency brings lack of interest. That also brings lack of respect, lack of love, and insecurity. Misery. Terror…

Never be afraid to examine yourself, and question everything. The more consistent and aware you are of what’s really going on in this crazy backwards world, the less likely you are vulnerable to be manipulated to obey and worship war-mongering, deceiving tyrants who only want more power, wealth, and resources for themselves. How aware you are defines how alive you are!