When I argue with devout statists, sometimes other voluntaryists tell me that I’m wasting my time, opining that a particular statist is never going to ‘get it.’  I often respond by saying that that’s rarely my intention.  Most of the time, when I argue with statists, the goal is for ME to learn more about the mentality and psychology of authoritarian indoctrination, and to hopefully help any SPECTATORS–whether statist or anarchist–learn something from the exchange.  (Both of those goals can be achieved even if the statist continues to be a lunk-headed dupe.)  Earlier today, a funny but possibly profound analogy came to mind about this:

When I argue with ‘true believer’ devout statists, I’m not being a doctor trying to heal a patient.  I’m being a coroner, doing an AUTOPSY on a patient who is already beyond any hope of saving, in hopes that I, and anyone observing, may learn more of the “disease” of statism, in order to better understand the nature of it, and possibly prevent others from experiencing a similar state.

~ Larken Rose


I’ve already come to an understanding on what I’m doing in starting this next entry; the very thing one of my favorite content creators on YouTube and Steemit has already done. In fact, he still continues to be the coroner, the examiner of the statist zombies who react in the most absurd, bizarre, and appalling ways to anarchists who are willing to be patient and honest in their conversations with them.  Larken Rose was the first voluntaryist I had ever discovered, as I listened to more on various topics he talked about. Through his very simple, to the point, and humorous podcasts, videos, and articles on Steemit, I became more and more familiar with how insane, evil, nonsensical, self destructive, and flat out stupid it is to rely on anyone who claims to know better than myself in how to run my own life.  I’m glad to say that Larken was my gateway into first learning more than I already knew at the time about the really deceptive, ugly, disgusting, and backwards way of things that remain deeply rooted within politics. Some of his talks were funny too. Through listening to what he had to say, I had stopped in being just so angry and bitter towards the tyrants in “government.”  I found out for myself that it didn’t help anybody to just be pissed off at the ones who rob people blind, lie to them, and discuss behind closed doors how to gain more power and more control over them. (Don’t get me wrong. I still hate this cancerous plague of a religion that’s been around for so long.  I just think it’s more productive to find various ways to encourage people to start to want to educate themselves.)

 After listening to some of my favorite talks by Larken enough times, I had further developed on my own thinking and observations based from what he said about political euphemisms, political mythology, the horde mentality, and the basics in understanding what it means to be an actual human being.  I came to understand how wacky, immature, intellectually dishonest, and hostile people were whenever I talked about anarchism, or why and how “government” doesn’t actually do the things statists think it does.

My observations in seeing and listening to how Veteran Mountain Man reacted and responded to my friend The MartyrSpeaks and me haven’t been much different from the other times I’ve attempted to have honest conversations with statists.

In picking up from where I left off at VMM’s second “debunking” (https://www.bitchute.com/video/i0O7ujh34OyQ/), again, he made a ridiculously silly claim that “extremist” anarcho-capitalists were “coming out of the woodwork to reee” at him.  How he perceives our responses is this; taking the time to honestly and clearly explain why he doesn’t know understand anarcho-capitalism at all, along with explaining and showing how we don’t advocate for what he claims, is equivalent to being emotional and reeing at him!  

I still find it amusing on VMM’s approach.  He may have thought he was smarter and knew better when first addressing MartyrSpeaks and me. This was not at all the case, when he actually came off as arrogant, immature, and dishonest.

From there, he proceeded to start getting into the “debunking.”  I’ll begin on accurately quoting him here, word for word. “So, let’s take it one step at a time.  So let’s start… with a very basic principle.  There are four types of people when it comes to actual… establishment of law.  There are people who are relatively good.  These people…do not try to break the law.  They tend to follow the law even when no one is looking. ”  

Let’s break what he described of the first of four types into two subcategories, or rather two majorities.  The smaller majority of people are aware of how despicable and unjust rule of law is, and have no choice but to obey the whims of the ruling class. This does not mean these people are hypocrites.  The Tyrant System’s policies are backed by violence, and/or threat of violence. It’s been designed to be that way for centuries, and anarchists have no other choice but to avoid “breaking the law” for their own various reasons. It depends on their locations, and which laws cannot be evaded. 

 The larger majority consists of the hopeless dupes. VMM is obviously one of them; who have been brainwashed to believe that no matter what, might makes right!  Statists proudly repeat and brag about the myths that are fed to them. “I’m a law abiding tax-payer” literally means “I proudly, pathetically do everything the power hungry crooks expect me to do, and give them my money.”

 Of course, VMM didn’t go about it that way. He only referred to anyone else like him. He said, “They even attempt to get bad laws repealed, as opposed to just breaking laws. And if they do somehow violate a law, either intentionally or unintentionally, they accept the consequences of their actions, and see it as part of the normal judiciary process.”  …The laws he and I know about are what he blindly and proudly goes along with. They can be changed at any time, for any reason at his political masters’ choosing! This happens whether VMM realizes it or not!  The law enforcers and politicians tend to always act above the laws they make, because the law abiding tax-payers allow for that to happen, and feel the need to have rulers to command them how to live the way their masters want them to.  VMM still believes (beLIEves) that elections, legislation, protesting, and petitioning would motivate the liars, murders, robbers, and rapists in charge to do anything in his favor, as well as towards “muh greater good.”

“This is for security reasons. We can’t have a repeat of 9/11, or have anyone or anything else come around to destroy our society! The law is the law. If you don’t like it, then LEAVE!” – statists

By the way, VMM believes what all other statists all too commonly believe; that obedience is a virtue. This is utterly false! Morality and ethics aren’t things authoritarians consider to be acknowledged and necessary. Ethics aren’t taught to young people in schools. People who are demoralized and inconsistent of what is ethical and real or not are easy for the narcissistic crooks in power to control

People who look to, believe in, and concern themselves with obeying the whims of their rulers just do as they’re told. Right and wrong are disregarded.  VMM is not at all aware that one of the main things that’s done through “government” is to trick good people into doing oppressive and nasty stuff.  Because of this, principles and law enforcement together don’t make any sense! These are two very seperate, different things. Through seriously flawed reasoning, to conflate and claim principles and laws as one and the same would be similar to claiming that “government” is necessary as it is for us to breathe. “You don’t seem to understand what the word necessary means! Without our Air Supply Groups, a power vacuum would emerge and suck up all our oxygen!” (Yeah, it’s THAT stupid and irrational!)

VMM described the second type of individuals as, “another type of people, who follow the law, when people are looking… What does that mean?  That means that they are only expressly concerned with the law, because there are punishments associated with breaking said laws.”

Wait a minute. Aren’t the relatively good, law abiding peasants also very concerned about these punishments?  No matter how well trained and obedient they are, it’s been estimated on average that people unknowingly commit what has been deemed by the ruling class at least three felonies every day.  Overtime, the prison population has quadrupled!  There’s a constant flood of new and broadly interpreted laws in which criminalize entire categories of daily life while, at the same time, the standards required for conviction have been severely diluted.  Several innocent people have been unnecessarily kidnapped and caged for actions that shouldn’t be considered as crimes. 

VMM doesn’t at all understand this, because he wouldn’t have time to read all the legalese there is, and remain well informed about all the thousands upon thousands of codes and regulations.  I also don’t think he understands that the U.S. has the largest prison population in the world (737 per 1 million). So much for land of the free! 

The statist dupe continued on what he deemed as the second of four types of citizens. “This is one of those kinds of people that… if they find a wallet with five one hundred dollar bills in it, they will take the money out, and return the wallet. Or turn the wallet in, empty of cash. These people do exist whether you believe it or not, and they actually outnumber the first type of people, which are the inherently good people by default.”

VMM expressed significance about the common individual who would claim Finders Keepers on anyone’s wallet or purse that has been left behind.  It is true that there are people who do, but this does not at all excuse away the fact that more powerful, and organized groups in and out of Congress are permitted to extort so much more from their subjects. Why don’t those thieves get punished?

He’s not as concerned about that, because he has been brainwashed to believe that taxation is good, necessary, and legitimate.  If he deliberately mentioned about taxes anywhere in his “debunkings,” then I would have asked him on why taxation and extortion are so similar to each other by definition.  Of course, he wouldn’t be able to honestly explain this. I have questioned other statists on this who could never do so, certainly not without going on special pleading, or claiming that there wouldn’t be roads, schools, and hospitals at all without someone around to coerce others into paying for them.

VMM’s excuse towards this second category is that in Ancapistan, there would be no shared communal defense. As I mentioned in my previous entry, he believes voluntary defense is the same as “government.” He holds onto the notion that there are people he views as more qualified and reliable over neighbors and family.  Because this supposed superhuman deity grants certain people the exclusive rights and powers to decide how to defend everyone from the wallet and purse thieves!  

VMM: “Otherwise, they would casually disregard the laws, and ignore other people’s rights. Simply because it’s easier.” 

Right; let’s just turn a blind eye to the more brutal and empowered crooks, because of wallet and purse snatchers!  Methinks he should checkity-check himself before he wreckity-wrecks himself any further than he already has. Unwittingly, he defends the bigger and more nefarious thieves by pointing out to the not as threatening ones as a bigger issue!

How about we go over a more realistic and consistent type of solution instead? Let the people be allowed to defend themselves and each other, without there being IRS and coproaches around to steal anybody’s money. Also, make sure the forgetful individual is accompanied by a friend or family member to help him or her keep track of or look for any lost belongings.  I’m sure there are other, suggestions that could be brought up by folks who have more than a few brain cells. Better, or more effective solutions rather than allowing anyone to dictate how much you earn, and how much you get to keep!

The next blunder by VMM happened when he described the people “who are honestly not concerned with the law at all.” He forgot to mention about the state police and politicians. 

It’s not that I think the Constitution had any merit to keep “government” in check to begin with, not at all. It’s the fact that politicians, police, and even the very rich central banksters are allowed to get away with almost literally anything! As far as they’re concerned, rule of law is written only for the peasants who truly believe in them. 

I commented to VMM specifically about the coproaches. “There’s a problem you still don’t recognize. There are many cops who act above what you’d know as rule of law, and don’t care about other people, nor care about getting caught. They would not care about you getting upset over them doing things you’d recognize as criminal actions. You forgot to mention them in one of these 4 types of people you mentioned. Whoops!”

The final sort of people VMM described were the sociopaths and psychopaths… Again, he seems to have forgotten about the tyrants in power that want perpetual warfare, and a boogeyman to point at and have the people scared into giving them more power, for example. For statists such as him, there needs to be double standards. Their loony and silly stupid beliefs wouldn’t hold without them.  

I further commented this to VMM. “Which is scarier to you? About seven billion individuals who might be negligent, stupid, maybe even malicious, and some of them might hurt you…or, seven billion people, some of them who have societal permission to rob you, boss you around, kidnap you, cage you, even kill you? The myth that there has to be others who must be held in higher authority over ourselves does not serve as a check against the imperfections of mankind. It serves as an amplifier of them.”

VMM’s criticism of the Non-Aggression Principle is inadequate. “One of the fundamental flaws of the anarcho-capitalist construct is that the Non-Aggression Principle will keep people in check. The problem is, is that the Non-Aggression Principle only works to keep people in check if they are fundamentally and basically good.

He talked about the NAP like it was a law, when it’s not. Again, he had conflated laws and principles together. 

One of the main reasons why statists are the way they are is their unwillingness to fully recognize that people own themselves. They’re also hypocritical on their virtue signal solutions on how humanity must be saved.  (“We need criminals to be stopped by… other criminals!!”)

Much of today’s problems most likely wouldn’t exist without the self-destructive needs and beliefs for people to want to have control each other, and enslave each other. The degradation of humanity would have been more likely prevented without the aggressors and deceivers put in charge.

When I elaborate into this at any angle, statists would willingly defy all reality and reason to defend their twisted, nonsensical, and insane beliefs that had been indoctrinated into them. 

Another glaring fact that VMM leaves out is the importance of reputation in any social interaction, including business. Which is why VMM had repeatedly claimed that private security in an anarchic society would be a bunch of mercenaries. 

If through any form of business, you are caught doing wrong, then no one else will want to associate and want to do business with you ever again. Even crooks themselves seem to understand this. That’s a major reason as to why the clever, professional ones’ top rule is to not get caught.

VMM, in his third video, basically repeats himself, and reiterates what he went over in his first two videos. If he hadn’t marked and removed one of my most informative and helpful constructive criticisms as spam at the time, then I wouldn’t have bothered in responding to that video with three friends of mine in a previous live stream I hosted. Before that, I had commented the following (latest message at the top, oldest at the bottom).

Shortly after that, I commented further with taking a screenshot of that message at the bottom.

In response to that from VMM; “I have not run away from the argument. That is intellectually dishonest.”

Catarchist says, “You shouldn’t have tried deflecting there, VMM. The ‘No, U!’ retort does not make you look smart at all.”

This, coming from him, is out of projection and an outright lie. Veteran Moutain Ignoramus could honestly care less about reality.

I should add that his brain malfunctioned when he read what I explained to him about 7 billion people, some of which may hurt us, and some out of those 7 billion given the permission to assault us, boss us around, cage us, and even kill us. He said exactly the following to address me in his third video that didn’t refute anything. “And as for the person who asked the question, why should I allow… Uh, why shouldn’t seven billion people being free to do what they want to do, versus seven billion people stealing from me? …Um, you’ve already invalidated your own argument. If you truly believe in seven billion people within our current framework are actively stealing from you… and you think that by removing all government, they won’t continue to want to actively steal from you, and possibly even KILL YOU while doing it, you need to rethink that. Seriously, because that concept means that you have a fundamental flaw in your logic.”

xD That, guys and gals, wasn’t at all what I told him. He twisted what I said around to misrepresent me, to take what I said out of context. That is called a straw-man argument! Scroll up to see what I commented to him in quotations on that again, if necessary.

In a fourth attempt to try to debunk anarcho-capitalism, he began spout off more straw-men. I couldn’t watch the entirety of of that video, because there was no point. It would be meaningless and a waste of time to reply to him any further. This projecting, intellectually dishonest, and pathetic excuse for a man kept taking some of what I’ve said and showed to him out of context. He also did not look at all the information I sent to him, and ignored all my suggestions. Nothing from me came through to him, because his brain has been too hard-wired on the mythology, and in completely faith based beliefs and political euphemisms.

Sometime before or after he finished that video and uploaded it, and after he decided my one comment to him was no longer spam, he commented to me that he wasn’t afraid of me. Another lie. I commented to him for the final time.

“Then what do you call previously marking one of my constructive criticisms as spam? OOF! Damn, I thought you actually understood something. I was proven wrong.

Yes, you actually are afraid of me, and anarchy; actual civilization, without the bullshit beliefs in the minds of individuals, and the bullshit policy ideas that many first hear from public schools and the mainstream media.

I’ve already seen that you cannot begin to grasp what I am explaining, providing, and reasoning without you mistaking or misrepresenting me as some kind of chaos agent. Because why else have you not addressed those two legit court cases about cops not being obligated to protect and serve? Why else would one of my comments be formerly marked as spam? Why else would you keep misrepresenting what I say and explain in your videos?

How statists think they are: Peaceful people as long as the state keeps them that way. Insane killers without people through political power under government to prevent and stop them.

How statists actually are: People who are scared of everything.

In posting this comment, I’m done. Absolutely done responding to you.”

This statist doesn’t care about the truth, or facts.  Whatever didn’t fit into the narrative he kept speaking of was rejected, or deemed as something that didn’t even come close to what had been explained to him.

 I’ve just unfollowed someone on Twitter I used to some respect for. This person admitted about a year ago that he was in the wrong by posting a very stupid and rude comic that I thought came off as insulting to the honest military veterans who are voluntaryists.  I forgave him for that. 

After seeing how blatantly dishonest and reality denying Veteran Mountain Ignoramus would make himself look to protect his narrative in straw-manning what sane, free thinking, and consistent people value, I thought and felt I had to warn “Rational” Outlaw. He had seen at least one of those videos and gave a thumbs up in a comment. If I hadn’t, then I would have never felt right about not doing it. As of now, I don’t see that guy as rational anymore. I’ve received no messages from him in response.

At least there are still people who aren’t anarchist yet who know I’m honest, and don’t have anything to hide. My buddy Dark Conservatarian knows how important reputation matters to businesses that aren’t “government services.”  I don’t know about S-Man Speaks, who listens to VMM, a really dishonest and ignorant minarchist. Dark Conservatarian is nowhere close to being that idiotic. I’m currently on the fence about S-Man as I’m about to finish this article.

Here’s what I’ve learned about ignoramuses such as VMM. Anyone who questions any freedom pursuing, critical thinking, and economically smart human beings and calls them “extremists”  puts them in a negative light. VMM made himself willingly look stupid and come off as a blatant liar toward what it is ancaps truly advocate. Such people are really paranoid and terrified as they cling tightly to their mental and emotional chains.

In the age of information, remaining to be ignorant is a choice!  It’s not up to us to make these people think about anything. We can point them in the correct direction and offer them helpful suggestions, but it’s solely up to these very troubled and confused individuals to want to examine themselves, and honestly look at what we speak of to overcome their cognitive dissonances.  It is up to them to want to understand that we each own ourselves, and that it’s never ethical or acceptable for them to force their values and demands onto us.

It’s uncertain as to when most statists will finally get their heads out of the sand. Yet, we should keep evolving from the inside out to be better, and prove to them what civilization, and freedom truly is. We should keep at it, and be available to help the curious and open-minded understand what the illusion of freedom is they were fooled into recognizing as true and legitimate.