Many who come to this website are all too familiar with the work of promoting liberty, freedom, principles, and citing evidence. At least some of us strive towards challenging those who simply can’t imagine living among human beings without having the beliefs and policies that are enforced through “government”. This super-human entity has been deemed as righteous, chivalrous, and for “the greater good” to those who have been taught to believe in it. No matter what they believe and how their outlook on the world around them is, explaining, citing, and providing constructive criticism to them what true freedom (in anarchy) means tends to get frustrating at times.

I’m someone who’s usually very patient around people online, as well as offline. I’m good at listening, and giving advice. I also know where to point in which directions for statists to go look and make up their own minds about.

As much as I have tried to communicate to a number of statists on various platforms of social media, there are unfortunately some who can’t be reasoned with at all.

I had just finished responding to a minarchist from Tennessee by the alias Veteran Mountain Man, who is a veteran, and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. According to what he wrote on his Twitter profile page, he has lived in many states and even a few other countries apart from the U.S. (

A friend of mine was responding to him a lot on Twitter, and I had noticed he had left a video in response to what they have been talking about, on his BitChute channel. ( I had watched it, and noticed a lot of claims on flaws he thinks exist within anarcho-capitalist ideas and philosophy.

-He claims that all “government” as inherently socialist is false. (How could “government” ever be capitalist? I’ve yet to hear a statist try to explain this.)

-He thinks there would be no structural means of defense in an anarchic society.

-He thinks that in Ancapistan, self-defense would be the same as the death penalty. (…Yeah. Feel free to face palm at that one!)

-Believes that without “government”, we’d all just kill each other.

-Believes that private security consists of mercenaries.

-Believes that families, large tribes, and large clans are just the same as “government.”

-Conflates shared and voluntary self-defense with “government.”

-Wrongly assumes anarcho-capitalists believe in “might makes right,” the same as all statists do. (No, we don’t. We really do not.)

-Most of all, Veteran Mountain Man believes anarcho-capitalism is about promoting for an Every Man For Himself, or Every Man Alone mentality!

The catarchist who’s writing all this is saying, “The stupid! It hurts my brain!!”

I have no idea who he talked to from which ancap groups about all this. I am a lesser known ancap on YouTube and Twitter, who’s also on Gab and BitChute, and I have interacted with a lot of ancaps already. Before last week, I have never heard about this guy. Before that, I didn’t notice one of the minarchist YouTubers I get along with and agrees with most things I talk about and say in response to other statists (S-Man Speaks) watches and leaves comments under Veteran Mountain Man’s videos, that have also been uploaded on YouTube. (

I mostly left comments under VMM’s videos at BitChute. I gave him questions to consider, and provided information to look at to clearly understand why ancaps are so adamant about wanting nothing to do with “government.”

For example, I asked him, ” If state run police are the only true reliable means of defense, then why is private security the victor when it comes to performance and numbers?” I showed him where to go look at information that goes over this accurately. I also pointed out the two specific court cases that has revealed the police as not obligated to serve and protect anybody outside the ruling classes; the Warren VS District of Colombia case (1981), and another that took place in 2005. (

My friend whose alias on BitChute is TheMartyrSpeaks also had successfully refuted VMM’s claims. “I think that it’s funny that you call out “extremist Anarcho-capitalists” and you attempt to claim that we aren’t all like this. Except we are all like this. If you are an Anarcho-Capitalist, you are, by definition, avidly opposed to the state in all forms. Because in all forms, the state threatens you with violence, they steal from your property, and force you to do as they say, which is usually to fund their unjust monopolies.

First of all, we never said that the government cannot protect your rights, rather our claim is that the state may be capable of protecting your rights, but their monopoly over supposed defense of said rights does far more harm than good. If the state were abolished and replaced with voluntary protection institutions (or better yet, you can buy a gun and look out for your neighbors voluntarily) we would all be better off.

Secondly, yes all government institutions are socialistic. What do you think socialism is? It is collective ownership of the means of production, IE when the state taxes you and then they fund police or fire departments or a military, these are publicly-funded institutions, and thus they are socialistic.

We do not believe that ‘you alone’ can defend your rights, rather, we believe that you are ultimately responsible for your own defense, and that all forms of human interactions must be voluntary and therefore all protective institutions must revolve around mutual consent rather than said institution threatening you with violence to force you to hand over money to them, in the name of ‘collective defense’ or whatever you want to call it. However, it is indeed entirely true that you alone have the exclusive authority over your sovereign body, and thus you have the right to decide for yourself who defends you and whom you defend.

TheMartyrSpeaks also had his own way of refuting what this moron said when it came to his claims about no organizational means of defense, and his false statements about private security. “Ancaps don’t oppose voluntary collective defense, dumbass. We oppose INVOLUNTARY collective defense.

How does that shit you said about mercenaries who are hired to defend your country not apply to those who work for the state? Again, is government some sort of deity not bound by humanity to you? Also, there is no such thing as a free lunch, thus so long as there is labor, there lust be a cost. Believe it or not, the state hires mercenaries to defend your country too, they’re called cops. My question is, what is your problem with de-monopolizing the defense industry and allowing individuals to decide for themselves how to defend their fundamental rights, and when to associate with at any given time? Do you want us all to be slaves? Or, again, is the government some sort of deity to you?

No, you do not create a government by allowing individuals to voluntarily ban together and defend one another. It’s a mutual agreement, if it were a government there would be someone in charge pointing a gun to the others’ heads and telling them exactly what to do and when to do it. Thus, the concept of “government” is an illusion and if you support government, you are literally supporting your own enslavement.

Yes, precisely! All this statist was doing in his video was going on false equivalencies, special pleading, and applying straw-men in attempts to “debunk” Ancaps, and to legitimize us all being enslaved under the state. He calls us “extremists.” Anyone who says we’d be all better off without deceptive, parasitic, and violent groups of people enforcing policies and such nonsensical beliefs down our throats is, according to Veteran Mountain Man, ExTrEmIsT!

The natural freedoms to associate, to live in peace, to live securely in his own home, to engage in any voluntary transactions, and to travel are just for too much for this guy to understand! What a severe case of cognitive dissonance he has! It’s absurd to see from a man who honestly thinks we as human beings would be flailing about, panicking, and murdering each other without some thug or group of this supposedly magical deity known as “government.” I’m sure he sort of meant well, talking about how dangerous it is to rely on mercenaries to get anything done. That we need sleep, we need to help be there to protect pregnant women from harm, and that we would be putting ourselves in harm’s way by not being properly secure and protected on private property.

One of VMM’s responses to TheMartyrSpeaks and me was, “So I am going to do a part two and debunk all of this bull shit. Because you have obviously lost all sense of reason.” This lead me to predict VMM was in contempt prior to investigation. I already knew from the get-go that he didn’t really have anything to debunk us with.

Soon after I had seen his next video in attempt to one-up us, I found out that I had been right on this. ( He didn’t look at any of the information I gave him, and did not answer my question about private security. The funniest part was VMM saying at the start of his second “debunking” that TheMartyrSpeaks and I were “reeing” at him. Seriously? I provided citation where he did not. My friend and I gave him clear explanations in which he failed to refute. He was only ranting and rambling in a narrative than going off from what we were actually explaining to him. I told VMM that blatantly ignoring what I was informing and suggesting to him out of constructive criticism and fairness was only hurting his own position even worse. I explained to him what and how I meant by contempt prior to investigation and the ultimate ignorance; the rejection of something he knows nothing about, yet he refused to properly investigate into it.

To those of you who are new to the liberty movement and are unlearning from the false beliefs that were fed to you during your youth; you may be wondering, why the hell is this veteran minarchist guy reacting this way? Why can’t he follow Ancapikitty’s suggestions, and try to understand any of the comments posted to him?

The man’s deeply rooted into his delusions. The beliefs and core values he was taught are what he’s still trapped in. I think this behavior is really strange and odd for a minarchist. Not just absurd. The small amount of minarchists I’ve met and gotten to know as decent people (especially one, who inspired me to start my own live-streaming series on YouTube) definitely know better, and they mostly agree with what I’ve spoken with them about.

Like many all over the world, VMM cannot accept the world for how it really is, and he cannot comprehend without letting his emotions and beliefs cloud his judgment. His mind reacts in really weird and bizarre ways to reject the fact that he doesn’t at all understand why anarcho-capitalists advocate for no “government” at all. Unfortunately, because of his cognitive dissonance, he won’t be able to properly refute anything on anarcho-capitalism. It’s impossible to get any honest answers from him, without any misconceptions and suspicions. He doesn’t hesitate to lie about ancaps. No, we’re not chaos agents. We just want to be left alone, and for him to be left alone. How is this chaos and mayhem to him?!? xD

I will go further in analysis and commentary about this in a second part. There’s too much to go into in one sitting, so I’ll elaborate further in another entry.